Motherboard – in development

Motherboard is a smartphone feature documentary in which we see seventeen year-old Jim growing up with his mum, Victoria, who has raised him alone since birth. At 38, Victoria, a self shooting TV Director found herself pregnant, single and broke. Unable to combine the life of a freelancer with raising a child alone, Victoria let go of her career in TV. But she never gave up filming, and over the intervening years collected a vast archive of photos and videos, capturing each twist and turn in Jim’s life, from the thumbs-up he gave her during her first scan to his first day at college.

Key stories include reconnecting with Jim’s absent father after over a decade, Victoria’s breast cancer diagnosis, and the challenges of living with a teenager in a small London flat during a global pandemic. These intimate dramas have been captured by Victoria, shooting on a near daily basis.

Over the years we see Jim grow up before our eyes. The bad times aren’t sugar-coated: we see how family life is transformed by the bombshell of a cancer diagnosis and how the pandemic puts Victoria and Jim into months of lockdown intensified by further health worries. These experiences have left their mark and yet Jim has a sense of humour that is life-affirming. Motherboard is about a family which has known loss but has also known great joy. The challenges are captured but so is the great happiness of raising a child alone.

Motherboard celebrates the fact that families now come in all shapes and sizes . Motherboard is a film that explores resilience. It begins with a personal story but it tells a universal story about how we can survive and push through crisis. Proof that bad times can make us rather than break us

Motherboard will be shot and directed by Victoria Mapplebeck, Co Produced by Carol Nahra and executive produced by Debbie Manners and Adam Gee.