Proof that epic journeys can begin and end at home
BAFTA winning Director, Victoria Mapplebeck, has created the first iphone feature documentary which charts the joy, pain and comedy of raising her 19 year old son Jim alone.

Victoria’s story began at 38 when she found herself single, pregnant and broke.

MOTHERBOARD will follow Victoria and Jim as they navigate their way through two generations of absent dads, Victoria’s breast cancer and Jim’s turbulent teen years.

MOTHERBOARD is a celebration of motherhood, love, loss and the eternal promise of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the last decade, Victoria has shot almost every day with her smartphone. Like a Documentary ‘Boyhood’, we’ll see Jim grow up on camera.

MOTHERBOARD will lift the lid on Victoria’s life as a lone parent, we’ll see the monumental bust ups, when tempers fray and doors slam.

But we’ll also see Victoria and Jim’s camaraderie and humour as Jim grows up and they live their increasingly separate lives side by side.
MOTHERBOARD begins with a personal story but it also tells a universal story. Motherhood as a story, is so infrequently told, because the world tells us that what mothers do is unremarkable and unimportant. A mother’s heroic journey is not about how she leaves… but about how she stays.

Over the last few decades there have been precious few films which explore or celebrate the lives of middle-aged women. In recent TV drama, there has been a growing appetite amongst audiences for unfiltered, unromanticised portraits of lone parents – especially the joy and pain of being a middle-aged single mum, Better Things, Maternal and The Chair to name but a few. But where are the documentary stories exploring the emotions of real-life women navigating the challenges of parenting alone? The popularity of these dramas proves that there is a huge audience for raw and intimate stories about parenting… whatever your family looks like.

MOTHERBOARD will be the antidote to the ‘narrative of shame’ that was once heaped at the door of single mums, young and old .It will shine a light on the diversity of family life and the power and agency of the many women who are raising children alone, by choice or by circumstance

MOTHERBOARD is currently in post-production and will be ready for theatrical release in 2024.